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Are we really too busy staying alive to truly enjoy living?

You’ve got to go for your goals, be the best that you can be, live your dreams, follow your heart, and somewhere in between all of that you have to live your life, pay your bills, look after your children and build your relationships – is it any wonder that attempting to go for our goals ends up low down on our list of “things to do”

Are we too busy staying alive to truly enjoy living?

When the decision is made to look into changing your old programming it is not only making the transition from old to new that could stop you, although this has the potential to be a major stumbling block. You are also “battling” with running the parts of your daily life. The desire to change and improve our life will be in competition with taking care of the needs of you, your family, and your work.

Staying alive in order to pay the bills and take care of life eats up a large portion of our time and energy without having to then focus on what goals we want to achieve. When you have been working 12 hours, to motivate yourself to build your network marketing business so that you can eventually leave work and work from home can seem like a real effort.

We are so busy taking care of staying alive that sometimes there can be little energy left to work on the one thing that could possibly make all of the other things work better.

And that’s how it is for many of us who have made the decision to return to learning, or who are working 2 jobs, raising a family or involved in community activities. The busy-ness of life can easily provide us with an opportunity to put our dreams on hold and to stop living.

Will your dreams be buried with you because you lost all hope of ever achieving them when you became tied down with earning a living, taking on a mortgage and working to pay the bills?

Ultimately I had to make a decision; I had to decide how much I really wanted to run my own business, have my own dream home, and drive my own great car. When I decided it was time to go for it I had to not only come up with a strategy to keep me focused, but also to accept that every day living had the potential to crush my dreams and leave me stuck in a life I was unhappy with – but only because I had made the choice to make that happen.

Instead I made a different choice. I made the choice to wake up 30 minutes before my children to write out my goals, I made the choice to start small and build up to leaving employment so that I could work from home. I made the choice to keep going when the network marketing business I joined didn’t work out and to try something new. I made the choice to switch off the television an hour early and spend the time before going to bed reviewing my day, taking part in self-reflection and listening to a motivational audio CD.

I made and continue to make those choices because there is a desire to succeed that out weighs any feelings of inertia I may have. I was and still am driven by a desire for my children to see the world and enjoy the best that life offers.

In life there is “stuff” to do, no one is disputing that fact, but when the “stuff” overtakes and becomes more urgent than our dreams and aspirations then that is where finding your drive for something more becomes the motivating force that compels you forward, one step and one day at a time.

If right now you find yourself to busy staying alive to truly enjoy living then stop and decide whether you are satisfied with that or you want something different for yourself. Making that decision is the first step.

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