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Don't Get stuck! There are easier ways to solve problems of your life.

Once papa was busy in his office with some urgent work. His 7-8 years son comes to his office and starts asking one or the other question. Initially, papa keeps on answering, but then he thinks if the child keeps on asking questions like this only and he keeps on answering too, he won't be able to finish his office work. To resolve this, papa contrives an idea that if he gives his son some task to do, he would be busy with that for some time, and by then he would be able to finish his office work. So, he gets an old book from his almirah. There was a world map printed on a page of the book. He removes that page from the book, tears it into many pieces, and gives it to his son, asking him to make a map of these pieces again. The son finds this task very interesting and he goes outside papa's office to solve it.

This side, papa, taking a sigh of relief, thinks that now the child would be busy for a couple of hours and by then he would finish his office work.

But, just in a few minutes his child comes back to his room. Papa gets surprised why he returns so early. Papa thinks that his child might have come to ask another question again or he might have come to get some help from him to solve the assigned problem. But, opposite to his assumption, his child tells him that he has solved the problem. Papa gets surprised... thinking... how he can solve this problem so quickly, as such problems are supposed to be difficult to solve and so take time to be solved even if a mature person tries to solve.

But, when he checked he found that the map was complete and correct. Papa was feeling very surprised and asks his son very curiously how he managed to solve this puzzle so quickly.

The child tells his papa... when he tried to solve the puzzle by joining the pieces according to the world map, it seemed very difficult to solve. But when he saw on the other side of the pieces, he noticed another design and then he switched to solving it from that side. While solving, he felt that it could be a picture of some cartoon. Then he kept solving it keeping the picture of a cartoon in his mind. And that way he quickly joined all the pieces together which turned into a cartoon. When he saw it from the opposite side, the map was perfectly made too.

This seems a very short story, but it gives us a very big lesson on how we can solve problems in our lives in easier ways.

We often come across so many problems in our lives that seem either unsolvable or very difficult to be solved. This happens just because we try to solve these problems only from one perspective. We often see only one side of a problem and get stuck there only. But, if we brainstorm a little bit, we will find that there could be other ways to solve these problems that are much easier than the conventional approaches.

So, whenever in life we come across any problem, we should see it from many different perspectives or angles. We'll find that there are many other ways to solve such problems. In this way, we may be able to solve even those problems that seem unsolvable, and we may be able to solve those problems in easier ways that seem difficult to solve.

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