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Ways to a healthier and more prosperous life

Let me start by asking two questions? First: Are you as happy and content about your life in every way? Secondly: If you are not completely satisfied with your life do you have any desire to change it?

In my conversation with all kinds of people I've met including conversations with family and friends I find many of them are not always enthused or thrilled about everything in their life. Even though some are not satisfied with their lives they haven’t any interest in making any life change. They’ve decided to stay with the simple life, not wanting to design a new life for themselves or change their environment.

Next are those individuals who have sometimes thought about making changes in their lives. Some even became beautiful dreamers for a while. However they never followed through on reaching any specific goals. Either because they weren’t aggressive enough to start the task or weren’t sure how or where to begin.

For those who fall into this category and are willing to get an education of what's necessary to make the changes, here's 5 ways to assist you in getting started whenever you are ready.

1) Create a list of goals you believe would make your life more financially abundant, healthier, less stressful, and more stimulating. Write down where you want to go what you want to do and see and what you would like to improve. Once you have a list of 50 to 100 goals here's what you do next.

2) Select only six goals. Six goals are enough to concentrate on reaching for the time being. Choose the ones that are the most desirable and important to you for now. Then write a detailed description why they are important to you. Be as descriptive as you can about each of these goals. Get inspired by them. Become truly emotional about them. Review them everyday without fail.

3) Set up a series of steps and a time frame for accomplishing each of your six goals. Each step should be set in small increments so they are easily reachable. Decide on a target date for each goal and make sure you enter these dates on a calendar or in a planner. I also advise that you track your progress weekly to see how well you are doing.

4) Seek support from only those individuals who are successful. Ask them for their advice and what they would recommend you do to become successful. And here's something else very important to do. Purchase a few informational and motivational CD's, DVD's and/or books. Spend a few minutes each day reading or listening to this kind of support materials. They will do wonders for your attitude. They will also teach you various skills for handling challenges and roadblocks you may encounter along the way.

5) Never quit pursuing your goals and don't listen to anyone who might suggest that you do. Just stay committed no matter what happens. Here's another idea to keep you motivated and on track. Begin to build a series of pictures of the goals you've decided to reach. Here's the best way to do that. Cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers or any publication that reminds you of your dreams and goals. Even print out positive sayings and pictures on your computer printer that will stimulate your attitude. Place these pictures in places around your home or office where you see them everyday. If this doesn't feel comfortable doing this put them in a three ring binder. Just make sure they are available to view first thing every morning before you start anything else that day.

Now you have an action plan to guide your life in a more positive way. Are you convinced these 5 steps have some merit? Can you now see how these ideas could cause you to have a more attractive, favorable and commendable life than ever? Why not get started today and find out. Good luck!

(Courtesy- Sonny Julius)

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